Billoni and Micheli

Painting Unveiled

To go back over the same route that lead us to this point, while faced with the latest crystal-shaped artwork by Billoni, would prove to be nearly impossible, even for its own creator. Too many a borders into a wide range of fields, too many detailed research methods for anyone to finalize a synthesis, or even to detect any shortcut.

Dreamlike athmospheres blended with metaphysical influences; Magritte-inspired trompe l'oeil, interwoven with alchemic threads; pilosophies veiled with or else revealed by exoterism.

And then again that unique, private symbolism dimmed and intense, so meaningful when voicing the real, profound, so deeply felt yearning of the author; "…a research I would pursue often taking all risks, including all the dramatic drive only someone perched at the edge of himself knows…"

Not through sense will it be possible to trace back years of research and study, yet through the sublimation of art.

Billoni seems to be in fact carried away by painting to the point his works epitomize those knowledge experiences he envisions as inseparable from the very meaning of "making art"; indeed there they are, clear stages lined up on gallery walls, pages of a book, to tell, explain, reveal, sharper than any words, specifications, considerations.

As a fine, somewhat gelid designer, miniaturist-illustrator of his own inner paths, Billoni turns into a Painter, his works being fated to problematic thinking processes, flamingly free themselves thus gaining a complete, perfect expressive independence.

His Passaggio al limite depicts the impossibility to fully compensate the sky cleavage. It clearly appears to be somewhat of a forced jigsaw puzzle, a tape that never will restore the shattered purity of the crystal ball. At the same time this splendid painting allow our imagination to gaze beyond the art work, beyond the author's own will.

Undoubtedly, these works of art would not have such specific value without the artist's unremitting research, yet now also expressing their own asserted, free, vital truth.

As the maturing process comes completion, the isnpiration itself seems to hover : Study of colour, identification of anthropo/zoomorphic fractures, a crescendo of sensorial and perceptive revolutions balanced on the brink of the infinitesimal, the ephemeral, of "vertigo".

Carlo Micheli, February 10, 2005