M. Roberta Cappellini

Billoni's painting: the dream of the soul

The dreamlike ambiance of Billoni's metaphysical trilogy represent an intriguing anabasis-catabis process; terms of reciprocity, an unbroken circular flow of profound expressive unity. Inhaling and exhaling, expansion and contraction, a two-phase motion in one all-encompassing cosmic pulsation unity.

Painting and engraving works feature primeval shapes whereas crystal clear water and stratified skies, together with ethereal fragments and hollow clouds stand for the multiple states of Being. .Whirling mazes set surreal cosmic wheels in motion, represented by a multitude of infinite small creatures, placed between the visible and the invisible, creating a rarefied, almost atomistic painting that conveys the ultimate vibration, the innermost motion of an apparetly motionless matter, concealing on the contrary a universe swarming with life. All is connected in one metamorphic process where every creature resonate and flow on one essential vibration: Microcosm and microcosm , in accordance with those "continua ligamenta" , conveying the horizontal transmutation (different shapes sequentially pervading one another) within the density of matter and its vertical, sublimating transformation. Billoni's process follows a cognitive-operating simultaneity, painting and unveiling, reminiscent of the ancient aphorism "nosce te ipse" (know yourself) . Painting as a process integrating eye, hand and heart therefore "hermetically " leading to the fine dimensions of the soul. A crescendo of visions and transfigured images up to his latest works. Matter melts down, it rarefies; human shape fading in its edges as it ecompassses all existing forms. From density to sublimation and back. Lights and shadows create indefinite forms, their antropomorphical aspect shading into that of angel-like figures, their motions perceivable only through a masterly use of transparence which re-veils the mystery. Images transfigured into one motion of light, pictorially created by intangible chiaroscuro (lit. "light-dark") technique along with soft colour shading: grey, rose-coloured, light blue, thus making the transition from chaos to shape, almost unperceivable, nearly closing It upon all. Matter turns into light, therefore shape (thought and painting) and shape shifts back into matter (extending the expressive capacity) . This process only occurs within that fine state being which is typical of the soul and its dream, characteristic of that archetypal "mindus imaginalis" devoid of place and time, anticipating a sudden revelation, the "Appareance of an Angel" announcing the spiritualization of the body and the incarnated spirit is complete. The astonished viewer is actively seduced by this pictorial cathartic motion, evocative with its opening of shapes and skies. Vanishing points where imagination may dare beyond the limits of rationality and reason, standing at last in the essence of things, re-surfacing in virtue of the viewer's awe. Therefore, as the Smaragdine Table revealed: " Whatever is below is similar to that which is above. Through this the marvels of the work of one thing are procured and perfected… Separate the earth from the fire, the subtle and thin from the crude and coarse, prudently, with modesty and wisdom”

This ascends from the earth into the sky and again descends from the sky to the earth, and receives the power and efficacy of things above and of things below…”

20 February 2005